These pages are always a little over the top about people’s life stories.  If you are interested I grew up in the Cotswolds, went to Warwick Uni for 4 years to study engineering and then became a kayak coach!  Uni was great, it gave me lots of time to go paddling and think about coaching and paddling.  What started out as a lifestyle choice for a year or two has now become my full time job.  Coaching white water kayaking is very rewarding.

I’ve developed a really strong sense of adventure and enjoy heading in the relative unknown and going kayaking.  Here’s a quick question round.

How many years have you been paddling?

How did you start paddling?
When I was ten, my father knew the local canoe coach and sent me along after I failed to make any school sports teams in my last year at primary school.

Which countries have you paddled in?
UK, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Uganda, Nepal, New Zealand, Morocco, Georgia, Indonesia, India, Turkey & Tibet

What is your favourite river?
Middle Guil, France

What is your favourite playspot?
Anywhere from Super Hole to Nile Special

Where do you work?
Kayak Coach,

What meal do you cook the best?

What other sports do you do?
Outdoor Climbing & Skiing

What qualifications do you hold?
BCU Level 5 Inland and MEng Civil Engineering

Whats your favourite quote?
Tea first, then be ready.

Photo by Peter Wood.